Review: Muji Aluminium Fountain Pen

Drawing a tree in pen and ink with the Muji aluminium fountain pen

In this review, I take a look at the Muji aluminium fountain pen.

I really like Muji’s design ethic. They design products that do a job, without over-embellishing them with needless features.

Although they have online stores in multiple territories, you can also find their shops in larger cities and airports around the world.

Adhering to the Muji brand’s ethos of not branding their products (Muji even means, “no brand”), there’s no names or identifiers on the pen at all.

That doesn’t mean the pen is without features that enhance its usability.

I think that the way that the cap posts into the body is genius, leaving an almost seamless join between the body and posted cap.

Not being able to feel the cap as it rests between my thumb and index finger makes it much more comfortable to hold than a pen with an over-lapping cap.

The video review is available on YouTube now (you can watch it below, if you prefer) and the text-based version will be published soon.

2 Replies to “Review: Muji Aluminium Fountain Pen

  1. Enjoyed the video, thanks.

    I do not like bulky pens for any purpose, but find the pocket clip to be handy, not for clipping but as a roll stop, so the pen does not wander off.

    I have tried using a full length international cartridge instead of using either a short one or a cartridge converter. Keeping an additional short cartridge spare in the pen body or using the longer cartridge and keeping it fairly full (I refill cartridges with a syringe now) might help if you want to add weight to the pen. I am happy with it light, but when using the longer cartridge, there is definitely a small weight gain, enough to notice, plus of course you have more ink.

    1. Thanks for your comment – I do love the Muji fountain pen.
      Although I prefer my pens a bit heavier, I still find the Muji a joy to use even now.
      Refilling cartridges with a syringe is great! As well as reducing plastic waste, it really opens up a world of inks to use. Personally I find it less of a faff than some converters too.

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