Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains reviews of products that I’ve personally tried out for drawing with pen and ink.

Each review is based upon my own personal opinion and testing of the products concerned. At no point will I ever recommend a product that I do not think is worthy of the praise.

Hopefully you should see that in my reviews I explain the positive and negative aspects of the item being reviewed. I believe you should get an honest view of something before you make a purchase.

Affiliate links

I may include links to marketplaces in which you can purchase those products to make it easier for you to find the item that I’m reviewing.

When you click on those links I may receive a commission for referring your to that vendor.

This does not increase the price that you will pay when you buy the item.

If you think I’ve made a mistake

If, at any point, you feel I’ve misled you in a review, please leave a comment on the page with your email address and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you and, if necessary, amend the review. I will never your email address to a mailing list or pass it on to another party if you do this.

Financial incentives or free review items

If, at any point in the future, I am offered items for free or I am given a financial incentive other than the commission mentioned above, I will clearly state that I have been sponsored to write the review or that I received the item for free. Even then, I will still offer a complete and honest view of the product.

If an item I’m reviewing sucks, I’ll tell you and that’s a promise.