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Welcome to Pens For Doodling, a website about drawing and sketching with pen and ink.

About Me

My name’s Phil and I’ve been doodling with pens since I could hold a pen. That was over three decades ago.

I started doodling in school on the back of my exercise books (my teachers loved that) and have carried on ever since, drawing on envelopes, scraps of paper and quite often on ‘real’ drawing paper too. My subjects range from the silly (cartoons etc), abstract (random patterns) right through to more serious drawings (I love trees and rocks).

I absolutely love drawing with pen and ink. There’s something liberating about the permanence of each stroke. I’ve now got to the point that I hate drawing with pencils because the lines just don’t seem bold enough.

Why I created the site

I’m pretty obsessed with drawing in ink and I’ve become quite frustrated with the lack of sites dedicated solely to pen & ink.

There are plenty of art sites that have the occasional post about pens but nothing dedicated to me favorite medium.

I started this site as an information resource for people that want to learn to draw in ink and for those that already do that want to find new pens and accessories to work with. Basically the sort of website I wish I could have found a long time ago!

What to expect here

I’ll be reviewing my favorite and not-so-favorite pens in detail. Not a few sentences but the sort of detail you need before spending your hard-earned cash on a new pen. I’ll look at the construction, the feel, the shape, the ink flow and I’ll include photographs and sample sketches so you can see how the pen performs.

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll be mentioning pencils here although colored pencils may make an appearance as a useful way of adding color to a line drawing. I don’t believe in starting a drawing with pencils because I feel it stifles my creative process. If I can rub it out, why would I draw it in the first place? 😉

I’ll also be introducing tips and techniques to help beginners learn to love drawing with pens as much as I do. In time, I’m hoping that my regular visitors will make requests so that I can really help people out with useful guides.

If you’ve got any suggestions or requests, please use the comment form below!

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