Review: Kaco Retro Green (EF Nib)

Using the Kaco Retro fountain pen to sketch a hollow log in pen and ink

It might look cool with its vibrant colours and interesting design but is the Kaco Retro a fantastic tool for doodling? Is it just a scratchy mess of a pen? Read on to find out.

I picked up this interesting looking pen some time ago but only just around to opening the box and giving it a try.

It’s a very smooth ABS plastic pen, warm to the touch with a wire pocket clip that ends with a bright orange ball on the end.

I’ve created a video review of the pen on my YouTube channel that includes opening the box, some thoughts about the pen itself and a demonstration doodle of an old log to see how it performs in a real world doodle situation.

You can watch it here (it’s just below) or on my channel.

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